Estimate VO2 Max from a running event

In the form below enter results from a recent performance (distance and time):

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Then click the button to calculate the VO2 Max estimate *

Estimated % max
Estimated VO2max ml

Compare results to population norms.

Also see the pacing calculator on Patrick Hoffman's site. In the words of it 'is a statistician's dream, extrapolating more information from less data (one time and distance) than should be logically possible'.

Formula : percent_max = 0.8 + 0.1894393 * e^(-0.012778 * time) + 0.2989558 * e^(-0.1932605 * time)

vo2 = -4.60 + 0.182258 * velocity + 0.000104 * velocity^2 , vo2max = vo2 / percent_max

where time is in minutes and velocity is in meters per minute.