Cycling Estimated VO2 Max

1. Peak wattage: watts

2. Weight: kg

Estimated VO2max ml

The estimate formula is: VO2max = (0.01141 x Wpeak + 0.435)*1000/weight

Where Wpeak is in watts and weight is in kg. The estimate VO2max is in ml02/kg/min

Wpeak is found from a ramp test on an indoor egometer. Protocol: Start at 110 W. Increase by 35 W every 4 min, with 1 min recovery between each stage (i.e., 145, 180, 215, 250, 285 ,320, 355, 390, 425...etc). Wpeak is the power sustained in the last completed 4 min stage.

Reference: Hawley JA, Noakes TD. (1992). Peak power output predicts maximal oxygen uptake and performance time in trained cyclists. Eur J Appl Physiol Occup Physiol.; 65(1):79-83.

Thanks to Dario Fredrick on for bringing this to my attention